Learn First Aid and one or two person CPR for Adults, Children & Infants. Standard Adult CPR and/or First Aid classes also available, cost is $39, including manual & certification $65.00 includes Manual and Pocket Mask with O2 outlet


AED Training using the Zoll 1600 Defibrillator

PDI is proud to announce the addition of AED, Automatic External Defibrillator, training and certification through NAUI/ASHI. The use of an AED with Cardiac Arrest in the first 5 minutes increases the chances of survival by 50% and in case of EMS not being immediately available, provides the only chance of survival. For this reason, in staying with PDI's philosophy to provide the safest training and cutting edge technology, PDI has purchased the Zoll 1600 Defibrillator.

The ZOLL 1600 Defibrillator offers EMS professionals resuscitation capabilities in a lightweight unit that's rugged enough for the real world. With both semi-automatic and optional manual modes, the ZOLL 1600 can be used by First Responders and EMS professionals alike. Thanks to its unsurpassed simplicity, the 1600 is ideal for all skill levels.

Course cost is $49 which includes BLS, Basic Life Support

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