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An edge of your seat award winning environmental thriller giving you a front row seat to the mass slaughter of sharks for their fins, only to satisfy the insatiable appetite for Sharkfin soup for the new liberated Chinese population. With over a 100 million, yes a 100 million, sharks being slaughtered every year, today the the shark population has been decreased by an astonishing 90%. These shy non-threatening creatures are critical to the survival of the ocean and all living things on earth including us. Film maker Rob Steward literally risked his life to make this film, a must see.
"Blue Water/White Death"
A classic documentary by the late film maker Peter Gimbal, the first diver to dive the Andrea Doria after its sinking. With the help of world renowned film maker Stan Waterman they traveled over 12,000 miles at sea from South Africa to Australia looking for the elusive Great White using Shark cages for the first time ever. Watch in awe as they leave the safe confines of their cages to swim with over 20 Oceanic White Tips feeding frenzy on a Whale carcass, ... at night.
"The Big Blue"
Directed by Luc Besson in 1988, starring Jean Reno. This is a classic - must see - for diving enthusiasts movie about 2 competing free diving world champions based on free diving champion Jacques Mayol. Although it came out on video, it has not been available for the last 8 years, but is now available on DVD - the director's cut - with an additional 49 minutes of footage.
"The Last Dive : A Father and Son's Fatal Descent into the Ocean's Depths" by Bernie Chowdhury.
This is required reading for any of our Technical courses. The book chronicles how a Father & Son began their diving career as Open Water divers and then evolved into Technical Diving. In an attempt to make a name for themselves they made their last fatal dive on a submarine, "The U-Who", at 235 feet on air. The book also covers many aspects of how Technical Diving got started on the wrecks of the East coast and in the caves in Florida.
"Deep Descent : Adventure and Death Diving the Andrea Doria" by Kevin F. McMurray.
To date the best book on that elite group of Technical divers and boat charters that pioneered the diving of the Andrea Doria. It also covers the unnecessary fatalities. At this time, due to corrosion, the Doria is collapsing under it's own weight and is increasingly becoming unsafe to dive.
Based on a true story, "Men of Honor"
The story of the first African American, Carl Brashear, brilliantly portrayed by Cuba Gooding jr.,  to become a Master diver in the US Navy. If you have a passion for diving, you will love this movie.
"The Abyss" - Special Edition, directed by James Cameron.
His true passion for diving is reflected in this film about deep ocean exploration and the ultimate encounter.
"Descent into Darkness : Pearl Harbor, 1941: A Navy Diver's Memoir" by Edward C. Raymer.
Tells the whole story about the incredible brave attempts to save crewmembers caught inside their sinking ships and then goes on to describe the salvage and raising of the sunken battleships under unbelievable conditions.
"The Terrible Hours : The Man Behind the Greatest Submarine Rescue in History" by Peter Maas.
The incredible account of one of the most extra ordinary rescues in naval history of 33 crew members trapped inside the submarine Squalus from 242 feet under the direction of US Navy Officer Charles "Swede" Momsen.
"Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea" by Gary Kinder
The incredible story of Tommy Thompson's conviction to find and retrieve the gold treasure of the SS Central America 131 years after it sank 200 miles off the Carolina coast in 8000 feet. He designed and build his own ROV in order to achieve the most dramatic recovery ever of gold treasure in history.
"America's Lost Treasure" by Tommy Thompson.
A Pictorial Chronicle of the sinking and Recovery of the United States Mail Steamship "Central America"
"Andrea Doria: Dive into an Era" by Gary Gentile.
Starting with her sinking, this book covers the early days of diving the Doria lead by Gary Gentile, considered by most to be the best deep wreck diver and explorer in the world.
"Deep Diving - An Advanced Guide to Physiology, Procedures and Systems" by Bret Gilliam.
This book is must reading for those who like to go deep, past 100'
"Complete Wreck Diving - A Guide to diving Wrecks" by Henry Keatts & Brian Skerry.
A must read for those who pursue Wreck diving.
"Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans" by Sylvia Earle
By far the best book written about life in our oceans and how we're changing it, by Dr. Sylvia Earle, one of the most accomplished divers in the world. Her love and understanding of the ocean jumps out at you from the pages. She started diving in 1952 at age 16 and went on to become the chief scientist for NOAA, the director of Deep Ocean Engineering and also holds numerous records in Deep submersibles.  This book details her journey while giving the reader her insight into the ocean. Enlightening and well worth the read.


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