How Rebreathers Work

Semi Closed or Closed Circuit?  Take a moment to read - Understanding how rebreathers work


  • Instructor Training Inspiration, Evolution, Drager Dolphin/Ray & Sport & Classic KISS
    ¬ Learn more about these rebreathers on the SilentDiving web site.
  • Closed Circuit Rebreather Training, Evolution & Inspiration, Megalodon & Sport & Classic KISS
  • Trimix Training for Closed Circuit Rebreather Recreational & Technical Trimix for all models Closed Circuit Rebreathers


Semi & Closed Circuit Rebreather Training, and Rentals for: Drager Dolphin/Ray, Megalodon, Inspiration & KISS Rebreathers, including Trimix certifications for Recreational, Advanced Recreational, Normoxic & Hypoxic Trimix to 300' for CCR

Please call, 425 891-6541, or email to schedule training or inquire about rentals.


Picture: Inspiration/Evolution Rebreather Class, Catalina Island

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Peter Den Haan since 1994
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