Trip report, Dec. 2nd, 2000 by Peter Den Haan

The Great Escape, after a six hour boat ride, arrived at 7:00 AM at the Matterhorn in an unusually calm ocean. We had 24 Tech divers with various Dual Setups and slings, anxious to get in the water. Everyone was there, Bruce Bearfield from Dive-Rite, Michael Kane with the DIR group and of course myself with OMS. Since the top of the Pinnacle itself is no bigger than a couple of feet in diameter, it took Tim, the captain, about half an hour to get anchored.

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Trip Report March 23/26, 2002

My second trip on the 116' Nautilus diving British Columbia confirmed it, to be the best diving I've done so far. Great friendly crew, excellent food, super comfortable accommodations and breathtaking scenery, makes the colder weather seem insignificant. Due to the colder waters, which definitely requires diving in a drysuit, and currents, British Columbia enjoys some of the most varied and richest marine life in the world.

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A dive report from Peter Den Haan

Flat as a lake does not apply to Lake Michigan. On our first day of scheduled diving, the waves were 6 to 9 feet and unfortunately, the trip was cancelled. We had planned 3 dives on two different wrecks.

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Diving during December in Holland is challenging, considering the water temperature is close to freezing at 34F and air temperature is 25F with a wind chill factor of – 10F at times.

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Nitrox: The Misunderstood Gas

by R. Peter Den Haan

After almost 10 years of teaching & diving Nitrox, I’ve consistently run into the same misconceptions about the benefits of Nitrox, such as:

  • It is only for diving deep
  • You have to watch your depth
  • More oxygen makes you feel better
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