R. Peter Den Haan

By profession, Peter has been a Mechanical Engineer for more than 25 years. He has taken his engineering experience and implemented a high standard of training at Progressive Diving Institute and with its staff. With over a 3000 logged dives, Peter specializes in pushing the state of the art in both training and equipment, while maintaining the enjoyment of scuba diving as the priority for himself and the students.

Peter founded Progressive Diving Institute in 1994 with his mission to provide high quality instruction in all aspects of Scuba Diving from Basic to Instructor, as well as Technical and Rebreather Instruction. As an Instructor Trainer & Course Director he passes this philosophy on to his instructors.

Today Peter is a full time Scuba professional and Manufacturer’s rep. He has been training divers & instructors on rebreathers for the past 22 years starting with the Drager and including the MK 15 series, Megalodon, KISS, Inspiration, Prism2 and Poseidon MK Vi and Se7en. He’s a PADI, TDI and IANTD Instructor Trainer for Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Rebreathers down to 100 Meters (330').

Peter has been involved in the development of training standards to make Closed Circuit Rebreather diving saver. He travels throughout the US, South America & Europe to conduct technical training. He’s also the National Sales Manager for Silent Diving Systems, the distributor for the Inspiration & Evolution rebreathers in North & South America.

Peter is an avid videographer shooting High Definition exclusively with the Sony EX1 with the Gates UW Housing and beliefs that the rebreather gives him many of the special encounters he’s gotten on film. Typically without the bubble noise, marine life doesn’t hear you coming, but instead DenHaan says, you will startle the fish. Peter also shoots with the Nikon D810 with the Nauticam housing for still photography.

Closed Circuit Rebreathers are a match made in heaven says DenHaan for Videography, Photography and exotic expeditions as it allows you to stay longer, go deeper and get that once in a lifetime encounter.


Tony Chan

Tony is the Assistant Director of Training for Progressive Diving Institute. He received his NAUI Instructor and Instructor Trainer certifications from PDI. He has also earned certifications of SDI Open Water Instructor, CPROX and TDI Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Trimix, Advanced Trimix, VIP and Nitrox Instructor certifications.
He is a 1993 graduate of UC Santa Barbara, where he acquired significant teaching and coaching experience. A Santa Barbara resident since 1988, he takes advantage of the World Class diving at the Channel Islands whenever possible.
When Tony is not working or diving, you can find him relaxing on the golf course or refereeing College, High School, Pro Beach and USA Indoor and Outdoor Volleyball.


Rachel Hansen

Rachel is one of the original students of Progressive Diving Institute. She has come up through the ranks to become one of its Instructors. Her dive experiences have taken her all over the world from exotic Fiji to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, but the Channel Islands are still her favorite diving.


Scott Campbell

Scott and his wife own and operate a dive resort in the exotic city of Colon, Peru, for 4 months out of the year. When he is back in Ventura, CA, he and his wife run their Travel Agency, Amigos Dive & Travel. Scott received his Instructor's training at Progressive Diving Institute and when he is not in Peru, we enjoy having him on our staff. He can also be found crewing or divemastering on the 85' Spectre Diveboat out of Ventura.


Terry May

Terry May received his Divemaster training at Progressive Diving Institute and has joined our staff. He logs over 300 dives a year, and regularly divemasters on two of the busiest Dive Boats in California, the Spectre and the Great Escape. Terry also performs duties as a Technical Support Diver for Underwater TV and Film productions and is one of the equipment test divers for Progressive Diving Institute. His favorite diving is hunting for lobsters and Deep Reef Exploration. In his spare time he works in the TV satellite industry as a Fiber Communications


Kristina Peterson

Kristina’s travel experiences have taken her diving all over the world but she always returns to California to dive the Kelp Forest. She acquired a love of diving after being certified for her job as an Assistant Director in the film & TV industry. Trained through Progressive Diving Institute, she believes the beauty and tranquility of the ocean is something to share and preserve. Occasionally found divemastering on the Spectre, most weekends she spends either in the water diving or making soap and candles for her small company.


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Peter Den Haan
Peter Den Haan since 1994
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